About Us

In the summer of 2007, requests to buy our secret recipe hot sauce at Il Piccolino and Il Primo restaurants were so frequent we decided to start our own company. We named that original sauce Fire Kitty (it’s a long story), and since then, Meow! That’s Hot has grown to boast five unique hot sauces plus one gourmet barbecue sauce. Produced in small batches at House of Targ in Ottawa, Ontario, our sauces are all natural and start with local fruits and vegetables (when possible), emphasizing fresh flavours intensified by the heat of chile peppers. Larry Russell, Minister of Fiery Affairs, loved the idea of spending hours developing and testing new and exciting hot sauce recipes. This happens from time to time, but mostly he sits at a computer dealing with day to day operations and miles of red tape, which, strangely, he also enjoys. Steph Christie, Director of Infernal Affairs, is Meow! That’s Hot’s customer service specialist. When she’s not pushing hot sauce on unsuspecting shop and restaurant owners, Steph keeps guests coming back at one of the hottest new restaurants in Ottawa.